This site has been designed by me (Dr Leda Blackwood) to provide access to my current research and also to good quality research and resources from others, which addresses issues affecting Muslims experiences of living in the West. I hope this research will be of interest to you and welcome any feedback.

As my own research is completed, my intention is to provide short reports for those who participated–these will also be available for general viewing. Hopefully, this is one way in which information can be shared and I can be kept accountable. Below is a brief blurb about me, but if you want any further information please feel free to get in touch (lmb11@st-andrews.ac.uk).



Leda Blackwood: I am a political psychologist at the University of St Andrews with an interest in intergroup relations, social and political participation, and processes of social change. I have conducted research addressing a range of social phenomenon including citizenship and political participation; leadership and collective empowerment; and the experience and consequences of prejudice, misrecognition and social exclusion.

I am Australian and moved to the UK in 2009 to conduct research looking at Muslim experiences with authorities. Because airports emerged as an area of real concern, this became a focus and I have spent some time communicating these concerns to airport authorities in Scotland. I have provided a list of publications from this research on the Resources and publications page, but if you are interested in a brief summary, here it is : Muslims experiences in airports_brief report

Prior to  embarking on an academic career in psychology I worked in Australian politics, government and the community on issues to do with governance and social justice. It is these experiences that led me into political psychology–I want to better understand the difficulties communities face and how to effect change.




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